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Individual Events (IEs) is now called Thespys!

New rules, guidelines, and scoring can be found at

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Click HERE to access our Amazon Wishlist!

**These items are always needed. Thank you for supporting our classes and troupe!**

Painter's tape

Safety googles

Dust masks

Makeup sponges

Makeup remover wipes

Paint brushes (assorted sizes)

Paint rollers (small and large)

Lysol/Clorox cleaning wipes

Page protectors

Tape measures

Magic erasers

Drill bits (Phillips or star head)

Gift cards to Home Depot

Gift cards to Amazon

Gift cards to Wal-Mart

**Dates are added and changed throughout the year.**


Aug. 12 = First day of school! Welcome back!!

Aug. 17 = Troupe Welcome Back Get-Together

Aug. 26 = Theatre Interest Meeting

Aug. 23 = Club Fair Day @ lunches!

Sept. 13 = Thespy/Fall Showcase Auditions

Oct. 3 = Fall Showcase

Oct. 7 = One Act Auditions

Oct. 26 = Thespy Festival @ Blake HS

Nov. 22 = One Act Show

Dec. 4-6 = One Act Festival @ USF

Dec. 9-13 = Spring Musical Auditions

Feb. 3 = Spring Showcase Auditions

Feb. 21 = Spring Showcase

Mar. 19-22 = State Festival @ TCC/Straz Center

Apr. 10, 11 & 12 = Spring Musical

May 2 = One Act Show

May 12 = Inductions & Awards

May 30 = Last day of school! Enjoy summer!!


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